Welded Structures

Long experience in the design of off road vehicles has led to a high level of expertise in the design of highly stressed welded structures. In order to get the best results, a very deep understanding of all the clients’ requirements must be reached from which a full design specification can be constructed. Using finite element stress analysis techniques to feed directly into the design process we are able to optimise the use of material leading to structurally efficient designs.

The lowest possible cost of manufacture is essential for successful products. The solution to this problem is multi layered and includes specifying the right material, choosing the best processes, minimising the number of parts, and minimising the number of operations required both in producing the piece parts and in welding and machining the assembly. This can also lead to designing the jigs and fixtures, and working closely with the proposed manufacturer so that the design is most easily produced using the available facilities. We have experience of working with suppliers from all over Europe, and are often able to suggest possible suppliers for clients who may wish to sub-contract the manufacture of all or part of their product.

Cost breakdowns can be carried out which allow all of these factors and the ways in which they interrelate to be studied. We are familiar with working to both British and Swedish weld classification standards for predicting the fatigue life of welded structures. Often quite small changes in the detail design of piece parts can alter the weld class of a joint dramatically improving its fatigue life.