Mechanisms form the basis of many of our design solutions. The ability to simulate designs using CAD and other software is key to optimising a design’s performance. The CAD model can be animated to check for interferences and clearances. The model can also be used to provide input data to study the loads in all the components to ensure reliable operation of the mechanism.

Mathematical models can be built which allow the effects of variations to the design to be swiftly and accurately assessed. This is often done in a spreadsheet, which in some cases means the mathematical model can be used to directly drive the CAD model allowing the best appreciation of the problem being solved. All of the above is based on a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements, which are then translated into a performance specification for the mechanism.

Kinematics software packages can also be used if needed which can take into account inertia loads generated by the components of mechanism itself, although this level of sophistication is not always required. We do not analyse for the sake of it but only to help get to the best solution we can offer.