Prototyping forms a vital part of developing a new product, and Goss Innovations has developed a close working relationship with an engineering company specialising in the manufacture of one off projects and prototypes.

This gives us access to first class facilities for high quality machining and fabrication work. Hydraulics and electronic controls can be added as needed. As a result we can offer an unparalleled service to our clients who require prototypes be built and tested.

Projects are closely monitored to give the client good feedback on progress and projects are done to agreed costs and time scales. An added benefit of offering this service is that our team design in the “real world” and are not closeted in a designer’s ivory tower. We feel that this is quite an important benefit, even to those clients who do not require any prototyping.

A couple of examples would be a machine we developed for applying aluminium foil to insulation boards, (see below), and a retractable wine cellar door. The picture montage below hopefully shows that the machine had electrical controls, met all regulations and was CE marked. The wine cellar door mechanism, which you can see on the "Unusual Mechanisms" page uses only one actuator to keep the cost down - an electric motor.