Hydraulic Circuits

Hydraulic circuit design experience has mainly come from the design of specialist off road vehicles. We are familiar with all the main types of pump and are used to designing for transmission systems as well actuators and mechanisms designed to be hydraulically powered.

Oil quality issues form another important facet of designing circuits. Correct specification of filters and tanks as well as the storage and handling of components is crucial to achieving maximum life and reliability from the overall system.

Calculations to model the performance of hydraulic systems are used to predict the efficiency and peak performance to be expected from any particular design. These calculations also look at the heat generated by the circuit during its working cycle allowing the correct specification of coolers if required. Cooling can be a very major consideration in a lot of off road vehicles where there is often a requirement for high power systems to be packaged into a very small space. We have also built up a close working relationship with a company who are able to source and assemble the parts for production or testing.