Tidal Turbine

Tidal Turbine Project - We have been involved with this project for many years providing mechanical design resource to the project. The company was originally called Tidal Generation Ltd but over the years we have been involved it was acquired first by Rolls Royce, then by Alstom and finally last year by GE Renewable Energy. During our involvement the company has successfully produced and operated two turbines, a 500kW and a 1MW, at the EMEC site in Orkney producing over 1GW of power for the Scottish Grid. The latest design of turbine, a 1.4MW version has recently been completed using the experience gained in Orkney. We have also been involved in the design of a subsea hub - an kind of under sea sub station to help with the connection of a farm of turbines to the grid. A pilot farm is planned at Raz Blanchard off the Channel Islands for the deployment of this technology.